President urges young lawyers to specialize in offshore economy law and form a committee to lead new legal developments in the Port City

Addressing the Annual General Meeting (AGM) of the Royal College Lawyers’ Association held at the Blue Ballroom of the Hilton Hotel Colombo yesterday (25) where President Ranil Wickremesinghe attended as the Chief Guest, he suggested the development of the new Port City as a financial centre with an offshore economy law. Hence, he proposed the forming of a committee of lawyers, especially young ones who want to specialize in this area, to learn and get a head-start on the new laws being contemplated.

The President also reflected on his time at Royal College and how it helped shape his character and sense of responsibility.

He also discussed his commitment to making tough decisions for the good of the economy and the country, even if they are unpopular. President Wickremesinghe highlighted the important role that the Royal College has played in shaping the law and legal system in Sri Lanka and suggested new areas of law that may emerge in the future. He encouraged young lawyers to get a head-start on the legal areas in relation to making the Port City into a financial centre and emphasized the importance of taking on responsibility and leadership roles.

In a lighter vein, the President joked that he cannot make all the lawyers President’s Counsels but is happy to make them all Royal Counsels.

Meanwhile, the Welcome Speech was delivered by the President of Royal College Lawyers’ Association Rohan Sahabandu (PC) while outgoing Secretary of the Royal College Lawyers’ Association Harshana Matharaarachchi presented the report.

Rohan Sahabandu (PC) was re-elected as the President of the Royal College Lawyers’ Association. Newly elected secretary Lasitha Kanuwanaarachchi delivered the vote of thanks.

Attorney General Sanjay Rajaratnam, and Principal of the Royal College R. M. Ratnayake were also present at the occasion.


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