Published on: October 3, 2022

Greetings from Hon. President on World Habitat Day 2022

Instead of regretting the lost excellent opportunities, only an awakening of attitude can be used to practice the future opportunities for the good of all. Consequently, I invite you to celebrate the 36th World Habitat Day.

It has been more than half a century since we gained independence. Many other countries in the region and the world that had a lower socio-economic status than Sri Lanka have already passed us by. It is a challenging task to develop a country without long-term national policies that help to achieve sustainable development from an export-led innovative economy.

With the upcoming 75th independence celebration, in our next 25-year plan, we all hope to build a society that will lead us to live happily in our own home with our beloved family. We as a government are already working for make this wish a reality. Plans are underway to start construction of 2,000 housing units for low-income families in conjunction with the 75th Independence Day. This project will not only benefit the urban areas but will also benefit the semi-urban area populations. The government’s goal is to solve the housing needs of low-income families living in rural and urban areas in an efficient and humane manner. Irrespective of personal agendas, we will introduce a proper method when vesting them to the public.
Sensitize the local and global challenges that affect us in pursuit of goals; it is everyone’s responsibility to engage in self-conversation and provide appropriate answers. Long-term policies, laws and programs that can successfully deal with the emerging problem are the need of the hour. I see the need for all of us to work together for the country.

Remembering again, the need to revise deeply to build a society with no one left behind and no gaps, I extend my heartiest greetings to the celebration of World Habitat 2022.


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