Published on: February 16, 2024

Unethical professional conduct is vehemently denounced

  • Blaming public representatives alone cannot propel a country forward – Says Chairman of the Sectoral Oversight Committee for Open and Accountable Government Jagath Kumara Sumitraarachchi.

Despite economic challenges, the government has endeavoured to grant a living expenses allowance of Rs. 10,000 to government employees. Chairman of the Sectoral Monitoring Committee for an Open and Responsible Government and Member of Parliament, Jagath Kumara Sumitraarachchi, emphasized the importance of health unions refraining from striking in a manner that adversely affects patients’ lives.

The Chairman of the Sectoral Oversight Committee for an Open and Responsible Government, highlighted that progress in the country cannot solely rely on accusing public representatives in Parliament. He emphasized that government officials are equally responsible for delivering efficient and accountable services to the people.

He made these remarks during a press conference at the Presidential Media Centre (PMC) held today (16) under the theme ‘Collective path to a stable country’.

MP Jagath Kumara Sumitraarachchi, further stated:

While many government officials diligently serve the public, there are instances where certain individuals lack effectiveness and accountability in their roles.

Additionally, there have been instances where essential service provisions have faltered, particularly due to delays in public service appointments and transfers, which have been attributed to the inefficiency of some officials.

While political authorities are often criticized for their mistakes, certain high-ranking officials in the public sector operate without being held accountable. Merely blaming politicians is insufficient for advancing the country. Public officials must not operate based on personal preferences.

Furthermore, instances have arisen where officials have declined to participate in Parliamentary sectoral oversight committees, citing lack of accountability. According to the Constitution, independent commissions are answerable to Parliament. Consequently, the public’s rights have been significantly neglected in such scenarios.

To enhance performance, diversity and transparency must be fostered within the public service.

To address this concern, we’ve organized a special workshop scheduled for the 19th, presided over by the Speaker, targeting officials deeply engaged with the public, such as Ministry Secretaries, Provincial, District and Divisional Secretaries. This workshop aims to equip them with the essential skills for delivering efficient and empathetic service to the people.

Despite economic challenges, the government has endeavoured to grant a living expenses allowance of Rs. 10,000 to government employees and it should be commended.

However, strikes that adversely affect the public cannot be accepted. As a trade union leader, I firmly reject such actions.


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