Published on: December 23, 2022

The Cabinet of Ministers approved a series of events to appreciate contribution of upcountry Tamils

The Cabinet of Ministers approved the proposal by President Ranil Wickremesinghe to conduct a series of events to appreciate the consistent contribution rendered by the Upcountry Tamils to the economy of Sri Lanka during the last two centuries.

Hence as proposed by the President, the Cabinet approved to conduct the series of events in February 2023 to commemorate two hundred years since the arrival of the first group of Upcountry Tamils to Sri Lanka who contributed to more than one third of the income made by the plantation sector.

Accordingly it is approved to conduct these events by the Ministry of Plantation along with the other relevant government agencies with the aim of appreciating the service of the Upcountry Tamils who migrated to the country from India two hundred years ago and to raise their living standards as well.

Upcountry Tamil estate workers who are more than 150,000 in number residing mainly in Central, Sabaragamuwa and Southern Provinces have been a significant part of the country in respect to their contribution to the economy as well as Sri Lanka’s culture.


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