Published on: November 22, 2022

Public updated on the National Program for Food Security and Nutrition

Two programs to educate the public about the National Program for Food Security and Nutrition were held on the 20th at Mampe Sanasa Hall and Honnantara North, Sri Vijayanandanarama Temple under the leadership of Dr Suren Batagoda, Presidential Adviser on the National Program for Food Security and Nutrition.

Representatives of voluntary organizations and others participated in the program which was jointly organized by the Mampe East and Mampe North Grama Seva Divisions belonging to the Kasbewa Divisional Secretariat and held at the Mampe Sanasa Hall.

Under the concept, “All families in a village should be strong at the family level”, rural economic revitalization committees have been established covering every village to look into the problems faced by each family and provide solutions. Mr Suren Batagoda also pointed out the importance of rebuilding the past ties between people by those who have given to those in poverty.

Dr Suren Batagoda further said local and foreign charitable institutions, public-and private, sector, local and foreign donors and philanthropists could assist by supporting the food bank/food exchange program, which is established as a support service to the community in need of food.

He also said that the role of the government is to provide public facilities to the citizens and to maintain these facilities while the duty of the citizen is to utilise those facilities to produce what is required by society. He also pointed out that if local crops that are favourable to any climatic condition are grown without blaming each other, there would be no food crisis in this country.

During this event, packs of dry rations were distributed among 100 families suffering from food insecurities.
Venerable Pulikandikulame Rathanasiri Thero of Vishwakalawa Buddhist Center, Shanika Sriyananda, Director of the Food Security Division, Kesbewa Regional Secretary K.P. Pemadasa, Kesbewa Assistant Divisional Secretary Purnima Wickramaratne, Kesbewa Divisional Secretariat Assistant Planning Director A.G. Perera and members of the Rural Economic Revival Committee were present on this occasion.

Meanwhile, the program to educate low-income families and representatives of voluntary organizations in Honnantara North, Gramaseva Division under the Kesbewa Divisional Secretariat about the food security program was held at Honnantara North, Sri Vijayanandanarama Temple under the leadership of Dr Suren Batagoda.

The food exchange program initiated at the Honnantara Sri Vijayanandanarama is being implemented successfully. Venerable Halvitigala Yasassi Thero, Chief Incumbent and the registrar of the Kasbewa Sasanarakshaka Board, also delivered a sermon.

Signifying this event, food packs were distributed among 20 families facing food insecurity.
Colombo District Secretary Pradeep Yasaratne, Kasbewa Municipal Councilor Prasad Rajapaksa and several others were present on the occasion.


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