Published on: February 8, 2023

President instructs Treasury to only provide provisions for essential public expenditure

President Ranil Wickremesinghe as the Minister of Finance, Economic Stabilization and National Policy has instructed the Treasury Secretary to only provide provisions for essential government expenses in order to maintain public services until the state revenue situation improves.

The list of expenditure to be funded include salaries, debt servicing, pensions, medical supplies for hospitals, subsidies for low-income groups, scholarships, farmers’ pensions, school nutrition programs, payments for war heroes and disabled soldiers, utility payments, food supplies for hospitals and prisons, among others.

This move is expected to have a significant impact on the economy, as it will prioritize the most important needs of the people and prevent funds from being misused. The Treasury has stressed the importance of sticking to the list of essential expenditure, as releasing funds for any other purpose could negatively impact the people and slow down the country’s economic recovery.

The decision to only provide funds for essential expenditure is being widely welcomed as a step in the right direction, and is expected to play a crucial role in restoring stability and growth to the nation’s economy.


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