Published on: June 3, 2024

President Instructs to Utilize World Environment Day Funds to Aid Weather-Affected Citizens – Provincial Councils, Local Government, and Environment State Minister Janaka Wakkumbura

Provincial Councils, Local Government, and Environment State Minister Janaka Wakkumbura announced that President Ranil Wickremesinghe has instructed to utilize funds allocated for the National Celebration of World Environment Day on June 5, to aid those affected by adverse weather condition.

He emphasized that during this time of difficulty, some individuals are attempting to gain political advantages by merely criticizing, while what is truly needed is immediate assistance for those affected.

State Minister Vakkambura made these remarks at a press conference held at the Presidential Media Centre today (03) under the theme “Collective Path to a Stable Country.”

Addressing the Media Personnel, the State Minister further commented,

A large number of people have been displaced due to prevailing adverse weather condition. As a government, we have already begun providing relief to them. A program to supply food to displaced persons across the country has also been implemented.

Additionally, all local and provincial authorities have been instructed to commence cleaning operations in affected areas as soon as the floodwaters recede. There is also a risk of epidemic diseases such as spread of dengue, and we have directed concerned officials to take preventive measures. Notifications have also been issued to repair the damaged bridges, bays, and roads.

Provincial Councils and the Ministry of Provincial Councils, Local Government, and Environment have jointly allocated provisions for the development and welfare of families and areas affected by disasters. President Ranil Wickremesinghe has instructed all District Secretaries to prioritize necessary actions over budget concerns during this process.

However, at this time, some individuals are attempting to gain political advantage through criticism. This is not the appropriate course of action. What is more important than criticism is for everyone to work together to support and save the displaced people.

Additionally, there is a need to develop a proactive program to control flooding before it occurs. The President has directed the relevant authorities to focus on the necessary measures to address this issue as a government.

Additionally, starting tomorrow (04), interviews are scheduled over the next 10 days to grant permanent appointments to 8,400 employees in local government institutions who have not yet received them.

We have also identified efforts by some individuals to sabotage this project. Therefore, I urge the public to trust the government under any circumstances.

The national celebration of World Environment Day was scheduled for June 5th. However, President Ranil Wickremesinghe has instructed that the celebration be cancelled, and the financial allocation be redirected to support the welfare of those affected by the adverse weather conditions.


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