Published on: May 27, 2024

President Inaugurates Advanced Cardiology and Nephrology Units at Vavuniya District General Hospital

  • “Strongest Health Service Established in the North After Colombo”.
  • “Modern Hospital System on A9 Road Boosts Medical Tourism,” Says President.

President Ranil Wickremesinghe inaugurated the newly built Cardiology and Nephrology Units at the Vavuniya District General Hospital yesterday (26). These units, constructed with the support of the Netherlands (Dutch) government, represent an investment of Rs. 3,329 million. The project commenced in 2019 during President Wickremesinghe’s tenure as Prime Minister.

The new three-story facility includes a comprehensive range of cardiology services including a Cardiology unit, Cath Lab, Cardiothoracic Theatre, Cardiac ICU, Echo Cardiography, Exercise ECG, Ambulatory BP Monitoring and Ambulatory ECG Monitoring Unit. The nephrology services feature a Dialysis Unit, Scan Room and Procedures Room for kidney patients, along with a dedicated surgery unit.

During the inauguration, President Wickremesinghe unveiled the plaque and toured the state-of-the-art building, which houses both the cardiology and nephrology units.

Addressing the ceremony, the President emphasized the government’s commitment to enhancing these health facilities, supported by the government of the Netherlands, for the benefit of the Northern Province’s residents.

The President highlighted that this modern, advanced hospital system not only provides high-quality healthcare to the people of the Northern Province but also supports medical tourism in the country, particularly due to its strategic location along the A9 road.

Addressing the ceremony President Ranil Wickremesinghe further commented,

“With the opening of this unit, we have considerably strengthened the health services in the north. There is one more project to be done, not with the Netherlands government, but with the government of Sri Lanka, which will renovate and develop the district hospital of Mannar.
As Prime Minister and Minister in charge of external resources, I had to deal with the Netherlands government to give the okay. I never expected that I would have to come and see the completion of it, but thank you.

Thank you to the Netherlands government for your patience and support. Firstly, you have strengthened the health system in the northern province, especially in Jaffna, where you have upgraded the Pointe-Pedro hospital.

So, at the moment, with the Jaffna hospital, you also have the Pointe-Pedro hospital. Additionally, there is something else that you have done unknowingly. The A9 is the spine of Sri Lanka, and along it, you have placed three modern hospitals at Vavuniya, Mankulam, and Kilinochchi. This makes a significant difference because at one end is the Jaffna hospital. After Karapitiya, we aim to make Jaffna a national hospital and it is also a teaching hospital.

So, you have that. That’s the fourth. At the other end, you have Anuradhapura and the teaching hospital there. So that’s five.
The Honourable Member Adaikkalanathan has requested me to develop a teaching hospital in Vavuniya and to upgrade the hospital here to become a teaching hospital. So that’s number six. Within approximately 65 kilometers between Anuradhapura and Jaffna, look at the number of medical facilities we have. You can’t miss them; they are everywhere.

You get excellent medical facilities. Now, outside the city of Colombo, you won’t find this concentration of medical institutions. It’s something that has developed accidentally, but it’s quite useful. From Anuradhapura to Jaffna and back, this is what we have.

In my view, the Ministry of Health, the provincial ministry, and the Ministry of Technology must all look at how we can further develop and strengthen this area. In addition to Colombo as a major centre, we also have this stretch of road from Anuradhapura to Jaffna, which has many potentials for medical tourism. More importantly, for Sri Lankans seeking treatment, this is certainly a place to be.

We will work on this to see how much further we can strengthen it, and where else we need to put in new facilities. Thank you again for this new innovation that you’ve provided us, and certainly, we will build on it. I’m sure the Netherlands government will continue to help us take it further.”

State Minister for Rural Economy Kader Mastan,

“We express our gratitude to the Dutch government for contributing to the construction of the cardiology and nephrology unit at the Vavuniya District General Hospital. President Ranil Wickremesinghe, who assumed leadership of our economically collapsed country, is gradually steering it towards development. In this regard, no amount of gratitude to the President is sufficient. He has transformed our country from a perilous state to a much better one.

Many hospitals in this area are facing shortages of staff and resources. Given the economic crisis the country is facing, it is impossible to solve all these problems at once. However, the President is addressing these issues step by step. By supporting these efforts, we can work carefully to resolve our problems in the future.”

Netherlands Ambassador to Sri Lanka H.E. Bonnie Horbach,

“It’s the fourth hospital that we are opening today. A journey that started on the 12th of June, 2018, when a Dutch company called VAMED and the Ministry of Health signed a cooperation agreement. In this agreement, it was said that four hospitals were to be built with state-of-the-art equipment over the northern provinces. It was made possible by an export guarantee credit of 75% and a grant of the Dutch government. The Dutch government decided to increase the grant value to 35% of the total cost. This increase shows again the commitment of the Netherlands government to strengthen the ties with Sri Lanka and to support the health services in the northern province.”

Governor of the Northern Province Ms. P.S.M. Charles, Members of Parliament Selvam Adaikkalanathan and Kulasingham Thilipan, Chief Secretary of the Northern Provincial Council Lakshmanan Ilangovan, along with other officials from the Northern Provincial Council, Provincial Health Officers and hospital staff were present on the occasion.


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