Published on: January 30, 2024

Preparations of 10,000 land deeds have finalized for the initial stage of the “Urumaya” program

The preparations for the initial stage of the “Urumaya” program, involving the distribution of 10,000 land deeds, have been finalized. The Ministry of Tourism and Lands has announced the commencement of the “Urumaya” Freehold Deed Program, aiming to grant land ownership to deserving individuals.

Mr. H.M.B.P. Herath, the Secretary of the Ministry, confirmed that necessary steps have been taken to dispatch these freehold deeds to the relevant District Secretariats. This progress was disclosed during an online discussion held today (30), involving officials from the Presidential Secretariat, District Secretaries, and Divisional Secretaries.

The “Urumaya” program marks a significant step towards addressing land ownership issues in Sri Lanka. With 10, 000 freehold deeds set for distribution in the first phase alone; the program holds the potential to positively impact a considerable number of lives. The swift action taken by the ministry to direct the deeds to the District Secretariats demonstrates a commitment to efficient and timely implementation.

President Ranil Wickremesinghe will preside over the national ceremony on 05th February at the Rangiri Dambulu Stadium, marking the commencement of the “Urumaya” freehold deed program’s first phase, where 10,000 land deeds will be awarded.

As 2.0 million farming families prepare to receive freehold land under the transformative “Urumaya” program, the government has allocated funds for transportation and food, providing them to district secretaries. This move, instructed by the President’s office, aims to ensure smooth and convenient participation for all deed holders attending the upcoming event.

In accordance with the 2024 budget proposals, Rs. 02 billion has been designated for the “Urumaya” freehold deed program, facilitating the conversion of Land Development Ordinance licenses into freehold deeds for eligible farmers.

A group of officials, including Senior Additional Secretary to the President Chandra Herath and Land Commissioner Bandula Jayasinghe, also participated in this meeting via a virtual platform.


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