Published on: November 1, 2023

Population and Housing Census 2024 initiated at Presidential Secretariat

The decennial population and housing census commenced at the Presidential Secretariat this morning (01). Notably, the Presidential Secretariat assumed the distinction of being the first edifice catalogued in this census. What sets this year’s census apart is its fusion of modern technology with conventional paper documents for data collection. The deployment of tablet computers, Internet connectivity and geo-spatial technologies is a standout feature. This method, known as Computer Assisted Personal Interviewing (CAPI), is being employed for the first time.

Sri Lanka’s Population and Housing Census is conducted every ten years and is overseen by the Department of Census and Statistics. The previous census took place in 2012. Interestingly, the inaugural legally mandated census in Sri Lanka transpired on March 27, 1871, marking a pioneering scientific endeavour among South Asian nations.

The Population and Housing Census is a vital source of data for shaping national policies, public administration and understanding demographics, ethnic distribution and other social characteristics. The census encompasses housing information at the village official division level. This comprehensive undertaking includes assigning a unique number to every building and obtaining GPS coordinates for each structure. Additionally, it results in digitized maps at the village official division level.

Notable figures such as President Senior Additional Secretary W. A. Sarath Kumara, Colombo District Secretary K. G. Wijesiri and Director General of the Census and Statistics Department Mr. P.M.P. Anura Kumara, among others, participated in this significant event.


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