Published on: August 25, 2022

Our security forces should be equipped with technological knowledge – President says addressing the General Sir John Kotalawala Defense University Colors Ceremony.

President Ranil Wickremesinghe emphasized that in the future war may occur not only on land, air and sea but also in cyberspace, adding that our military should be equipped with the necessary knowledge to face such technological warfare.

Pointing out that discipline, training and knowledge are needed to create a successful army, the President said that Sir John Kotalawala Defense University is already fulfilling all these requirements.
The President made these comments while participating in a ceremony held today (25) to present the Presidential Colors and University Colors to General Sir John Kotalawala Defense University.
A military salute was accorded to the President who arrived at the Kotalawala Defense University and an interfaith blessing was also held for the President’s colors and the university’s flags.
Thereafter, President Ranil Wickremesinghe made a special statement and presented the Presidential Colors and University Colors to General Sir John Kotalawala Defense University.
Later, the Vice-Chancellor of the Kotalawala Defense University, Major General Milinda Peiris, made a special statement and presented the university flag and colors.
The President also visited the Sir John Kotalawala Museum and made a note in the commemorative book of special guests.
A special commemorative gift was also presented to the President.

Expressing his views at this ceremony, President Wickremesinghe said,
“Today, Sir John Kotalawala Defense University has gained great fame at home and abroad. Your potential as a defense university has been proved. This university holds significant importance. If an army is led by its commander, that army depends on his leadership. And that army needs discipline. An army cannot advance without discipline. An army can advance only with proper discipline.
However, an army cannot be led by discipline alone. Training is required along with discipline. An army is not successful just because it has discipline and training. That army must have knowledge. It must have military knowledge and local knowledge.
Success comes with that knowledge. The leaders here are given discipline, training and knowledge. From there, the army gives leadership to its own battalions and other divisions. Some become military commanders. Others go and work in different sectors equipped with this degree”.

The President said that it was because of General Sir John Kotalawala that it was possible to establish the KDU.


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