Published on: October 31, 2023

No Cause for Undue Concern Regarding Food Shortages – State for Livestock Development D. B. Herath

State Minister for Livestock Development D. B. Herath announced that, thanks to the farmers’ support, the country has achieved a surplus in rice stocks. Additionally, he highlighted that while the country has currently produced 40% of its milk requirement, efforts are underway to double this output.

Minister Herath made these statements during a press conference held at the Presidential Media Centre on the theme of ‘Collective path to a stable country’ today (31).

State Minister Herath further commented,

“As a government, we have diligently worked to ensure a stable food production process, addressing any potential crises and preventing future food shortages. Collaborating closely with the Minister of Agriculture and our dedicated farmers, we have successfully achieved a surplus in rice production. This accomplishment should alleviate any unnecessary concerns about food shortages in the future.

Additionally, the Ministry of Livestock has also implemented a program aimed at providing the necessary protein for our people. In the previous season, only 40% of the required quantity of liquid milk was produced within our borders. Recognizing this situation, we have taken decisive actions to double liquid milk production. We have also enhanced the quality and nutritional standards of our cattle and promoted grass cultivation, ensuring a consistent food supply to boost liquid milk production.

To meet our national milk demand, we are exploring alternative methods rather than relying solely on non-dairy milk substitutes. People’s preference for liquid milk is a priority and we are facilitating access through mobile sales vehicles. Additionally, we are streamlining packaging and distribution of liquid milk.

Currently, we have taken the necessary steps to import animal feed and are providing relief to maize farmers. Our efforts also extend to reviving closed animal production facilities.

Moreover, the poultry industry has proactively increased its mother animal count to 85,000 to promote growth, allowing previously closed poultry farms to reopen and contribute to our nation’s self-sufficiency.”


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