Published on: April 22, 2024

Massive Influx of Entries for ‘Wasath Siriya – 2024’ New Year Events

Citizens from all corners of the nation are eagerly uniting for the upcoming ‘Wasath Siriya – 2024’ Sinhala and Tamil New Year festivities, slated for April 27th at the Shangri-La Green Grounds in Galle Face, Colombo.

The response has been overwhelming; with a plethora of applications pouring in for the Avurudu Kumara/Kumariya competition, Marathon Race, and Bicycle race.

It is noteworthy that youths hailing from distant regions outside Colombo are also enthusiastically participating, representing various provinces.

The ‘Wasath Siriya’ annual celebration segmented into three categories — public, open, and guest sections — boasts numerous activities showcasing local cultural richness.

Young men/women aged 18-30 are encouraged to embody the spirit of “Wasath Siriya 2024”. The crowned “Wasath Siriya” Avurudu Kumara/Kumariya will be rewarded handsomely, with Rs.100,000/- for first place, Rs.75,000/- for second, and Rs.50,000/- for third, along with additional prizes and certificates for up to the 12th position.

The deadline for applications for the “Wasath Siriya 2024” Avurudu Kumara/Kumariya of the Year contest is tomorrow (23rd).

The Standard Cycle Race (Men/Women) welcomes participants from across the island, with applications accepted until noon on April 25th, 2024.

Prizes for Standard Cycling (Men) include Rs.100,000 for first place, Rs.75,000 for second, Rs.50,000 for third, Rs.35,000 for fourth, Rs.20,000 for fifth, with prizes of Rs.10,000 each for 6th to 10th place, and Rs.6,000 each for 11th to 20th place.

For the women’s race, the rewards are Rs.60,000 for first, Rs.40,000 for second, Rs.30,000 for third, Rs.20,000 for fourth, Rs.15,000 for fifth, and Rs.10,000 each for 6th to 10th place.

Participants aged 16 and above are welcome to join the “Wasat Siriya” marathon. A clear photograph of the completed application should be submitted via WhatsApp to 0710573828 before 10:00 am on April 26, 2024.

In the Men’s Marathon, prizes are as follows: Rs. 75,000 for first place, Rs. 50,000 for second, Rs. 30,000 for third, Rs. 20,000 for fourth, Rs. 15,000 for fifth, Rs. 10,000 each for sixth to tenth place, and Rs. 5,000 each for eleventh to fifteenth place.

For the Women’s Marathon, the rewards include Rs. 50,000 for first place, Rs. 30,000 for second, Rs. 20,000 for third, Rs. 15,000 for fourth, Rs. 10,000 for fifth, Rs. 7,500 for sixth and seventh place, and Rs. 5,000 each for eighth to tenth place.

Furthermore, the “Wasath Siriya 2024” New Year festivities will feature various elements highlighting Sri Lanka’s rich culture and heritage, aiming to boost the country’s tourism sector and showcase its resilient spirit as it rebuilds after a challenging period.

The “Wasat Siriya – Miyasi Concert” will kick off at 7:00 pm that evening, featuring performances by popular singers from across the island.


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