Published on: January 23, 2024

Lands under the Forest Department to be resume for Agriculture and Tourism – State Minister for Rural Economy K. Kader

State Minister for Rural Economy K. Kader Masthan, stated that negotiations for releasing lands under the Forest Department for agriculture and tourism have already commenced.

The Minister of State also highlighted that the restoration of 61 tanks has been initiated for the agricultural development of the Mannar and Vavuniya districts.

State Minister for Rural Economy, K. Kader Masthan, conveyed this information during his participation in a press conference held at the Presidential Media Centre (PMC) today (23), focusing on the theme ‘Collective path to a stable country.’

State Minister Kader Masthan further stated:

“We initially anticipated a prolonged economic recovery period for the country. However, President Ranil Wickremesinghe expedited the stabilization process promptly and swiftly stabilized the economy. The President deserves gratitude for that.

Moreover, specific financial allocations have been designated for various projects aimed at enhancing the rural economy in the Northern, Eastern and Central provinces. In the previous year, the Ministry of Rural Economy initiated several programs, including the distribution of goats and essential seeds for green cultivation, contributing to the enhancement of people’s livelihoods.

Consequently, we have effectively utilized approximately 98% of the allocated financial funds for the ministry’s programs, resulting in tangible benefits for the people.

Particularly noteworthy is the remarkable progress in the Mannar district, where this year’s green bean harvest reached about 1050 metric tons. Significant advancements have also been made in goat management.

Additionally, numerous development initiatives have been commenced with the support of foreign aid. A noteworthy project is the restoration of tanks, crucial for the agricultural sector’s development. As part of this initiative, 30 tanks in Mannar district and 31 tanks in Vavuniya district are undergoing renovation.

The government’s primary objective is to address issues such as food scarcity and malnutrition through various programs facilitated by the Ministry of Agriculture.

Simultaneously, negotiations have commenced for the release of lands under the Forest Department for agricultural and tourism purposes”.


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