Published on: August 2, 2023

Land ownership for 15,000 Mahaweli settlers

  • Land deeds already given to 20,000 families – Minister of Sports and Youth Affairs and Minister of Irrigation Roshan Ranasinghe.

The distribution of land deeds for 15,000 families in the Mahaweli region will commence from the second week of this month as per the instructions of President Ranil Wickremesinghe, Minister of Sports and Youth Affairs and Minister of Irrigation Roshan Ranasinghe stated.

Minister Roshan Ranasinghe also mentioned that steps have been taken to provide land deeds to 20,000 families who do not possess land deeds in the Mahaweli region.

He expressed these views today (02) during a press conference themed ‘Collective Path to a Stable Country’ held at the Presidential Media Centre (PMC).

Minister Roshan Ranasinghe further commented;

On President Ranil Wickremesinghe’s instructions, 20,000 land deeds have been distributed to the citizens of the Mahaweli region under the first phase of the ‘Idam Aithiya Niwasatama’ (Land right to home) Program. Another 15,000 land deeds will be distributed starting in the second week of this month, according to plans.

Additionally, the dry weather has made it difficult to deliver water from the Walawe River. Paddy fields covering over 25,000 hectares are irrigated using water from the Walawe River. Additionally, 8000 hectares of intercrops are grown. Water supply for paddy fields is becoming a challenge in such a situation.

In this situation, the issue of maintaining a steady supply of electricity and water for farming has also come up. However, the Ministry is making an effort to safeguard crops. The Nation’s food security must also be taken into account.

The previous Cabinet meeting included a lengthy discussion on the present dry weather conditions. There, the opinion was also expressed that we should go for a program that does not cut off the electricity.

However, if ships with generators that provide electricity with the dry weather are expedited to get electricity, it is possible to solve the electricity crisis and provide water to the farmers. The Electricity Board has paid special attention in this regard as well.


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