Published on: October 27, 2023

Land allocation in the Eastern Province adheres strictly to legal guidelines, with no involvement of ethnic or religious factors – Eastern Province Governor, Mr. Senthil Thondaman

The Governor of the Eastern Province Mr. Senthil Thondaman emphasized that land distribution in the Eastern Province is conducted in full accordance with legal procedures by the Ministry of Mahaweli and it is free from any ethnic or religious biases.

Governor Thondaman also stressed that any attempts to disrupt the land distribution activities in the Eastern Province will result in legal action taken by the Police.

These remarks were made by Mr. Senthil Thondaman, the Governor of the Eastern Province, during a special press conference held at the Presidential Media Centre (PMC) today (27).

The Governor further elaborated on the matter:

“In the years following the end of the war, residents of the Mailattamadu – Divulapatana area in the Eastern Province have gradually begun to resettle in those areas. Consequently, arrangements have been made to allocate relevant land for agricultural and dairy farming.

A significant number of individuals from Polonnaruwa and Ampara areas were relocated during the resettlement in the Mailattamadu area. President Ranil Wickremesinghe has also instructed the provision of temporary incentives to farmers from other districts who have come to protect their agricultural activities.

Furthermore, the residents of Ampara and Polonnaruwa areas are actively considering early settlement in these areas. The legal resettlement of individuals who lived in the Mailattamadu – Divulapathana area before the war is being carried out at the directive of the President, under the Ministry of Mahaweli.

Additionally, unauthorized occupants of government lands are being legally processed for settlement on government lands.

It is essential to underscore that the relocation of Tamil people from the eastern Koralaipattu area and Muslim people from the Navaladi area for the Mahaweli initiative is devoid of ethnic or religious basis. All these activities adhere to legal procedures and rely on data provided by the Grama Niladari.

In consideration of all these factors, a steadfast commitment is maintained to upholding the law as a unified Sri Lankan nation, with a resolute focus on the well-being of all ethnic groups. Consequently, it is respectfully urged that external viewpoints, not directly involved, are refrained from in regard to land releases in the Eastern Province.


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