Published on: November 3, 2023

Government allocates Rs.465 billion for education in 2024 – State Minister for Higher Education, Suren Raghavan

State Minister for Higher Education, Mr. Suren Raghavan, announced a substantial allocation of funds for the education sector in the year 2024, emphasizing the government’s commitment to enhancing the quality and accessibility of education in Sri Lanka. A total of Rs. 255 billion will be allocated for primary and secondary education, signifying a pivotal investment in the foundational stages of learning. In addition, a significant allocation of Rs. 210 billion has been earmarked for higher education, further underscoring the nation’s dedication to fostering advanced learning and research.

Furthermore, the State Minister highlighted important initiatives aimed at revolutionizing the education landscape. He disclosed plans to appoint Deputy Vice Chancellors for all universities alongside the existing Vice Chancellors, enhancing the administrative structure and overall efficiency of higher education institutions.

These remarks were made by State Minister Suren Raghavan during a press conference at the Presidential Media Centre (PMC) today (03), held under the theme ‘Collective path to a stable country.’

State Minister Raghavan emphasized the introduction of an innovative approach to arts, humanities and social science subjects. A comprehensive analysis of these areas is set to commence, providing practical knowledge to graduates beyond traditional degrees, which is a pioneering step for Sri Lanka’s educational landscape.

In a forward-looking vision, a national higher education commission or authority is in the works, aimed at consolidating various administrative functions under one centralized body. This move is expected to streamline and optimize the administrative aspects of the higher education sector.

Moreover, to empower citizens and provide greater educational freedom, starting in 2025, the entire government investment in education will be granted directly as scholarships to government university graduates. This empowering initiative allows students the flexibility to choose the University of their Preference, aligning with President Ranil Wickremesinghe’s vision for transformative changes in the nation’s public universities.

The transformation of Sri Lanka’s learning and teaching systems is an imperative goal. The significant allocation of Rs. 255 billion for primary and secondary education in 2024 and an additional Rs. 210 billion for higher education reaffirms the government’s dedication to fostering a more inclusive, accessible and advanced education system.

Furthermore, by the end of next year, Deputy Vice Chancellors will be appointed for all universities in addition to the vice chancellor. This initiative aims to enhance the administrative processes of universities. Discussions are underway to increase the salaries of university lecturers.

Additionally, as part of the internationalization project for universities, foreign and Sri Lankan-origin professors with overseas experience have been invited to teach and conduct research in state universities in Sri Lanka.


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