Published on: February 1, 2024

Four New Heads of Mission Presented Letters of Credence to the President

A newly appointed High Commissioner and three Ambassadors to Sri Lanka presented Letters of Credence to President Ranil Wickremesinghe at a ceremony held at the Presidential Secretariat in Colombo this afternoon (01).

Among them is the new High Commissioner for the Kingdom of Eswatini, along with the newly appointed Ambassadors for Romania, the Kyrgyz Republic and Turkmenistan.

Following are the names of the diplomats who submitted their credentials today.

1. Mr. Menzie Sipho Dlamini – High Commissioner-designate of the Kingdom of Eswatini based in Kuala Lumpur
2. Ms. Steluta Arhire – Ambassador-designate of Romania based in Colombo
3. Mr. Askar Beshimov – Ambassador-designate of the Kyrgyz Republic based in New Delhi
4. Mr. Shalar Geldynazarov – Ambassador-designate of Turkmenistan based in New Delhi

Minister of State for Foreign Affairs Mr. Tharaka Balasuriya and President’s Secretary Mr. Saman Ekanayake were also present on this occasion.

Meanwhile, the new High Commissioner and Ambassadors who were appointed today also engaged in a cordial meeting with Mr. Sagala Ratnayaka, Senior Advisor to the President on National Security and Chief of Presidential Staff.


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