Published on: September 8, 2022

Committee appointed to review General Forms printed by the Government Printer

A Committee has been appointed by the Secretary to the President E.M.S.B. Ekanayake to review the General Forms Printed by the Government Printer.

It has been observed that 98 General Forms are currently being used by various government agencies to facilitate government services. However, some of the forms are out-dated and need to be amended according to the current context.

Accordingly, a committee comprising H.A. Chandana Kumarasingha (Chairman), Director General of Establishments, Ministry of Public Administration Home Affairs, Provincial Councils and Local Government Mrs. D.H.S. Pulleperuma (Member), Additional Director General, Ministry of Finance, Economic Stabilization and National Polices Mr. U.I.W. Seneviratna (Member), Senior Assistant Secretary (Development), Prime Minister’s Office has been appointed for reviewing all the General Forms currently printed by the Government Printer for the use of the government.

The functions expected to be carried out by the Committee are as follows;

a) Review all the General Forms currently printed by the Government Printer.
b) Identify the General Forms with minimum use and the areas that are redundant.
c) Identify the General Forms which are currently printed on paper sizes above A4 that could be printed on paper size A4.
d) Identify and recommend the General Forms which are not needed to be printed and instead could be made available in the respective websites with access for downloading.
e) Recommend measures to discard obsolete General Forms, revise General Forms with suggested specimen (content and size), and, General Forms which shall be made available on websites of respective agencies.

The President’s Secretary further noted that the recommendation should reach him on or before the 15th of November 2022 enabling him to submit the same to the Cabinet of Ministers for consideration.



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