Published on: January 20, 2024

Collaboration is crucial in ensuring the success of the “Pekoe Trail” project, contributing significantly to the advancement of tourism

  • Address current issues and find prompt resolutions – Mr. Sagala Ratnayake, Senior Advisor to the President on National Security and Chief of Presidential Staff.

A review meeting was conducted yesterday (19) at the President’s Office, chaired by Mr. Sagala Ratnayaka, Senior Advisor to the President on National Security and Chief of Presidential Staff, to discuss the progress of the “Pekoe trail” project aimed at boosting Sri Lanka’s tourism industry.

The Pekoe trail team outlined their plans for the project, emphasizing the creation of a 300 km tourist trail that has garnered global popularity and is poised to significantly support the development of the tea industry in Sri Lanka.

Highlighting the potential to attract tourists who haven’t previously considered Sri Lanka, the team expressed the importance of the project in expanding the country’s appeal as a tourist destination. Mr. Sagala Ratnayaka, in his remarks, underscored President Ranil Wickremesinghe’s keen interest in the project, deeming it a crucial initiative for Sri Lanka.

Mr. Sagala Ratnayaka urged a collaborative effort to address legal and other challenges that have arisen during the project’s implementation. He specifically advised officials to engage with representatives from local estate companies and relevant line agencies to swiftly resolve issues and ensure the success of the Pekoe trail project.

The event saw the participation of Mr. B. Yalegama, Secretary of the State Plantation, Enterprise Reform Non-Cabinet Ministry, officials from the Sri Lanka Tourism Development Authority, representatives from local estate companies, members of the Pekoe trail team and officials from various line institutions.


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