Published on: December 25, 2023

Christmas Day Message

Christmas represents the celebration of hope. “The individuals who traversed in obscurity, burdened with tears and sighs, have witnessed a profound light.” In the pursuit of revitalizing that hope, I extend my wishes for all of us to conscientiously fulfil our responsibilities and duties, fostering a Christmas that instils fresh hopes in our nation.

Amid our celebratory mood, it is crucial to maintain focus on the authentic significance of Jesus Christ’s birth in a manger, encapsulated by the theme “Sharing a meal with the less fortunate.”
Christmas serves as a reminder of the birth of Jesus Christ, who, in self-sacrifice on the cross, redeemed humanity from sin. Guided by Christian teachings, we are urged to forgive those who oppose us, those who have wronged us and to relinquish all feelings of animosity and resentment.

While the external festivities of Christmas may be apparent, I posit that its true significance remains elusive unless accompanied by a profound spiritual transformation within us. This year, as we commemorate Christmas amidst a backdrop of numerous challenges burdening our society, I extend an invitation to everyone to unite in shouldering their responsibilities, recognizing the genuine adversities confronting our nation.

I wish you all a blessed and meaningful Christmas!


Ranil Wickremesinghe
Democratic Socialist Republic of Sri Lanka


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