Published on: November 6, 2023

Cabinet sub-committee appoints to resolve Sri Lanka Cricket issues

In a significant development, the Cabinet of Ministers has convened to address the pressing issues facing the country’s cricket landscape. The attention of the Cabinet was drawn to various concerns within Sri Lanka Cricket. In the cabinet meeting held today (06), the Cabinet discussed and decided on a course of action to address these concerns.

The Cabinet has resolved to appoint a special sub-committee with the mandate to examine the current situation and work in collaboration with relevant stakeholders, including input from esteemed former cricketers. The primary objective of this sub-committee is to recommend immediate, viable measures to resolve the outstanding issues in Sri Lanka Cricket.

The members of this sub-committee, who have been entrusted with this vital responsibility, include: Hon. Ali Sabry – Minister of Foreign Affairs as the Chairman while Hon. Kanchana Wijesekara – Minister of Power and Energy Hon. Manusha Nanayakkara Minister of Labour & Foreign Employment and Hon. Tiran Alles – Minister of Public Security as its members.

In addition to the above, an additional secretary to the President, nominated by the Secretary to the President, will function as the Secretary/Convenor to the sub-committee. This appointment ensures efficient coordination and facilitation of the committee’s work.

Furthermore, the sub-committee has been authorized to co-opt the services of any official or expert in the relevant field as they deem necessary for their deliberations. This inclusive approach aims to tap into a wide range of expertise and perspectives to address the cricket-related issues more comprehensively.

The decision made by the Cabinet regarding the formation of this sub-committee is to be treated as confirmed, and it underscores the government’s commitment to addressing the challenges faced by Sri Lanka Cricket. The sub-committee is expected to work diligently to bring forth practical solutions to strengthen and rejuvenate the country’s cricketing landscape.


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