Published on: August 16, 2022

Cabinet approves introduction of national guidelines and minimum standards for child development centers in Sri Lanka.

Cabinet approval has been granted for the Cabinet paper submitted by President Ranil Wickremesinghe for the implementation of national guidelines and minimum standards for child development centers in Sri Lanka.

Guidelines and policies prepared at the provincial level for child development centres are already being implemented in order to provide quality services for future children. However, there was a lack of nationally recognized guidance.
The initial draft of the National Guidelines and Minimum Standards for Child Development Centres was initiated in 2013.
This national guideline presented by the National Child Protection Authority is scheduled to be implemented across the country covering all child development centers.

Steps have been taken to introduce these national guidelines and minimum standards under the supervision and guidance of relevant experts representing all stakeholders related to the childcare sector.
It was initiated with the study of the minimum standards available at the international level and since then, these guidelines and standards have been prepared by incorporating the facts of child development, law, health and child care in several stages.

These national guidelines and standards have been formulated with the contribution of experts in the field as well as officers and staff working in child development centers.
Six main areas related to childcare are covered under the National Code of Guidelines and Standards.

Proposals are to be considered in terms of these standards on the establishment and registration of child development centers, staffing of child development centers, institutionalization and re-socialization of children, standards for physical environment and safety, child health and welfare and complaint handling, inspection and supervision of centers.


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