Published on: December 2, 2022

Army-designed Presidential Dispatch Bag handed over to the President

The ‘Attaché Case’, Presidential Dispatch Bag of international standard designed by the Directorate of Electrical and Mechanical Engineers of the Sri Lanka Army, was handed over to President Ranil Wickremesinghe, by Lieutenant General Vikum Liyanage, Commander of the Army at the Presidential Secretariat this morning (02).

This Attaché Case was designed on a special direction by the President. It is a renowned tradition to accompany world leaders with a sophisticated briefcase with international standard, commonly called an ‘Attaché case’ that carries important and secret documents wherever they travel.

Introducing this world-famous tradition to our country, the President tasked the Sri Lanka Army to fabricate the Presidential Dispatch Bag in line with international standards.

Under the guidance and direct supervision of the Commander of the Army, a group of experts in the field headed by the Director General Electrical and Mechanical Engineers designed the Dispatch Bag as a unique creation incorporating high-end technology, as per specifications given by the Presidential Secretariat.

Addressing the event, the President said that this initiative could contribute to cutting down on filing costs and would be introduced to all ministries as well. On a daily basis, piles of files are sent to the Presidential Secretariat by the ministries to obtain the signature of the President. Hence, the President said that these dispatch bags could be used by the ministries for this purpose cutting down on the cost of files. He said that the Army could produce these bags for the relevant ministries.

The bag offers a combination of well-thought-out features for keeping the bag’s content safe and organized and it is made of premium leather which ensures its durability as it is expected by the President to hand over the Dispatch Bag from one President to the next in line.

The President, after accepting and inspecting the high quality and neatly finished Presidential Dispatch Bag, commended the Commander of the Army, the Director of Electrical and Mechanical Engineers and particularly, the skilful and versatile craftsmen of the Sri Lanka Army.


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